About us


My name is Melanie Aldridge and I, along with my husband, Ryan, started Meadows Bluff Farm in 2009. We were lucky to have inherited the farm from my great-grandfather, Clyde Meadows (guess where the farm's name came from!), in 2009 when he died at the young age of 101. He was the one who shaped me into the farm girl that I am today.

We have always raised Hereford cattle, chickens and pigs ... but recently, we added goats to that roster. One day, a goat just showed up at the farm, and I thought someone just dropped it off knowing that I love animals and I would keep it. After many phone calls and even more digging, we couldn't find anybody looking for a random goat - so Buddy the Goat became our mascot, so to speak. He started something of a trend, as we now have 30 dairy goats that I milk by hand each morning for our products. 

Our youngest daughter has had eczema and dermatitis since she was a baby, and we tried every cream and lotion known to man. One day, my aunt suggested that I try soap made from goats' milk. We tried it ... and the difference was amazing. The redness, the bumps, reduced to almost nothing by the next morning.

I'm not saying that Meadows Bluff Farm will work for everyone ... but if you're looking for another option, give it a try. It helped for my daughter, it has worked for others, and it may very well help you and your family.